Durban-based editor and translator, Allison Broster has had a lifelong obsession with language, its power and its pitfalls. Since 2000 Minerva Language Services has helped people to publish their own books or simply to ensure that what they write doesn’t let them down.


Because language instruction is no longer given at school, many people have a vague sense that their writing skills are inadequate but lack the means to identify and correct their own errors of grammar, style or consistency. The result is that written communications, from letters and reports to legal documents, often fail to convey the writer’s meaning and intention.


And we all know that no matter how many times you read through your own work, it’s very difficult to spot your own errors because you read what you meant to say and not what you’ve actually said.


But when you offer to point out someone’s errors, you’d better be right – and ready to defend yourself. Hence the choice of Minerva, the goddess of war and the goddess of wisdom.